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4th and 5th girls at VSB 2017


Children are the future of the church so what are we doing to Raise Kids for Christ?

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Parents with children


Parents are the most influential people in a child’s life.  How do we help them Raise Kids for Christ?

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Christian family is so important in providing encouragement, support and resources to help Raise Kids for Christ.

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Raise Kids for Christ

Church memberships are declining.  For that matter, so are American morals, ethics, basic manners.  Why? How do we kick this into reverse and grow Christ’s church and better people in general?

Children are the future of the church, so they are our focus, children and their parents.  This is not to say that teens, singles, seniors, or others are not important.  Everyone is important and loved by God!  Our focus, though, is on elementary age children and their parents.

Derrik and salt cubes

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