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Sharing the Easter Story

Sharing the Easter Story

Every year there are new videos, new skits, new curriculum… all kinds of new ideas to share the Easter story. This year, I wanted to do something that would have our kids sharing the gospel long after the Easter egg hunts. That’s how I came up with the Easter Story String.

God must have been preparing because along came COVID-19 keeping kids and teachers at home. Many states are banning the gathering of 50 people or more. In my county, it’s for eight weeks which goes right through Easter. I’m not sure how my congregation is handling this yet, but whether we are sent home or not, this is what I’ll be doing! I will provide every child with an Easter egg that includes a string and a link to the videos: Story (as seen below) and 5 step-by-step videos teaching the to make a star, mouth, cross, Jesus rising and a heart. (BUY NOW FOR $7)

You are welcome to share this video. If you’d like access to the instructional videos and downloadable story with a link to place in Easter eggs, click here. The cost is only $7 and you can print as many copies as you’d like. For those who do not want to part with $7, you can probably find instructions online for each trick; but, here, everything is in one place with easy to follow video instructions. Plus, you get the downloadable Easter egg inserts that provide a brief overview of the Easter story as well as a link so kids can log in and follow instructions to learn all five string tricks. They will be sharing the gospel for months with string because it’s fun!

Just add string! You can purchase string from Amazon here. My string is 60″ long; however, 40″-60″ is recommended. Kids may do best with 40-45″ since their hands are a bit smaller. Shoestrings may be a perfect fit. Just tie the ends of one shoestring together, pull tight then clip off the ends.

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