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Teach kids the Easter story, the greatest event to ever occur in all of history, with a simple piece of string. Kids love playing string games and it’s a change from technology. For only $7, you will receive the story video plus videos teaching all five of the string tricks. Not only that, but you get downloadable story cards to give to kids along with a string hidden in an Easter egg. 


There are so many ways to use this. You can learn the tricks yourself and tell the story as a way to introduce the Resurrection. You may turn this into an event, with some help, by setting up stations for kids to go learn each of the five tricks. You may choose to teach them only one trick and let them learn the others at home. Either way, you can give them the tools too! What a fun and memorable Easter!.

 Create a star as you share that God sent his son to be born on earth. The star in the sky led the wise men to the newborn Savior. 

Kids will get a kick out of the moving mouth as Jesus spreads the message all across the land.

Unfortunately, not everyone believes and Jesus is arrested and hung on a cross to die. 

But death could not hold him, not the Son of God! Three days later he rose from the grave! This is a fun trick. It moves!

And finally, the heart reminds kids that Jesus did all of this because he loves us.