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 Children's Ministry Solutions for Small Churches

Imagine... kids begging to come to bible class and it didn't cost you a fortune.


Simple                           Budget-friendly                        Parent Resources

Growing up, I despised going to church.  It was so boring!  How sad.  This was my view of God as a child.  So many of our youth graduate and leave the church only returning when they have their own children.  As parents, we want our children to have a relationship with God, but how do we break this pattern? And how do we do it with the limited resources of a small church?

I am striving to change the way kids see church and our amazing God!  Our church is our support, encouragement, and family.  By changing the way we present God in bible class, kids learn to love learning about their God, then loving God Himself.  Learning the value in a church family and knowledge of God changes how we see "church" as we grow up.  And when kids have fun, they don't even realize they are learning.

Church, let's reinvigorate our children's ministries and partner with parents who see church the way I once did, opening their eyes to what it really is.  Our God is far from boring!  Let's open our children's eyes and hearts to realize this.  Let's Raise Kids for Christ!

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