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TIPS... As we teach children to know and love God, we are often humbled.  The things we learn as teachers.  We walk into our bible classes prepared, or so we think.  Then there is that one child that could ruin everything if we let him/her.  Either this child came to class super hyper and disruptive, pouting and whiney or perhaps picking on other kids.  We have seen it all.  This is when we say a quick prayer under our breath! “Dear Lord, Please give me patience so I don’t ring this kids neck out…”  Just kidding!  It probably sounds more like, “Dear Lord, Please give me patience and wisdom so that all of the kids here today learn about you.”  When we think we’ve got it figured out God reminds us that we still need help.  It’s humbling.  Thankfully, He is there to help us through it.  Never dismiss the power of prayer with a humble heart.

For this “trouble” child at the moment, you may need to change gears quickly in class.  I often have Play-Doh,Silly Putty or other hands on items that can be passed out sooner than later on any given day.  Make sure everyone gets this so no one is singled out.  Then, have them “create” something that pertains to the lesson of the day.  It gets everyone focused.


TRUTH…  Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up. -James 4:10


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