Oriental Trading

Last night was Trunk-or-Treat at my local congregation.  What an amazing outreach!  Every year we decorate our trunks with bible themes and hundreds of kids participate.  Mine has been a F.R.O.G. (Fully Rely on God) with a wooden “fly” launcher my husband built.  The kids eat it up!  They stomp on one end and send the fly (a Badminton birdie) into the frogs mouth (or bucket in our case).  We have a bounce house, train rides and serve corn dogs.  Kids from our church and the community come out for fun and treats.

You don’t have to travel across the globe to minister.  There’s an opportunity in your own backyard.  Take our community, for instance.  We have a congregation of about 250.  There are thousands more people in our community that don’t worship God.  We don’t preach to them at Trunk-or-Treat, but we bring people in and serve them.  We show them love and hospitality.  We open the doors for an opportunity to visit about the gospel at a later time.  Last year we held a raffle for a $20 gift card. This allowed us to get many names and email addresses of people in our community.  Now, we can send something to them each month to set their focus, even if for a moment, on God.  Plus, we get to tell them about all kinds of children’s events coming up that we’d love to have their child at.

Look for opportunities to be hospitable to your community.  Make the community aware that you are there.  When the time comes, when they realize they need God, they will remember you and know they have someone to turn to.  Trunk-or-Treat may not be for your and that’s okay. Look for what works for your congregation.  It may be a movie night where you play a movie and serve popcorn.  How about an Easter egg hunt?  Breakfast with Santa?  Share some things you have tried and let us know how they worked.  I love new ideas!

This is what the Lord has commanded us to do. He said,“I have made you a light for the Gentiles.  You will bring salvation to the whole earth.” -Acts 13:47

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