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Bible class doesn’t have to be boring. It really doesn’t take much. I promise. God gave us the tools, we just need to use them. Kids should be so excited to hear another story from God’s word that they beg to come to class. Not possible, you say? We need the spot lights and movie screens, the band with jamming music. I disagree! They are bombarded with distractions everyday. Let’s make it fun while giving them something simple, but stimulating. Engage their minds.

Kids beg to watch cartoons. They beg to play with friends. They beg you to tell them a bedtime story. Why? Because they enjoy these things. So what do these cartoons and story book readings have that the Bible doesn’t? Nothing! It’s all about the delivery. When kids watch cartoons, the characters come to life. They are often funny, strong, powerful or simply just like them. When we read stories to our children we often read with enthusiasm, lowering and raising our voices at key parts. We ask questions before we turn the page like, “What do you think will happen? Is someone going to save her? Will he fall off the cliff?”  You get the idea.

Now let’s apply this to bible class during story time. God has given us amazing true stories. David went up against a giant while experienced soldiers shook in their boots. Jonah was swallowed by a big fish only to be spit out 3 days later with a mission to accomplish. Queen Athaliah had her grandchildren killed for power. Moses spoke to a burning bush. Paul was in a shipwreck. Spies were lowered by a rope from Rahab’s window to escape the kings men. The list goes on and on. This is exciting stuff, but our kids sure don’t know it because we show them a few old, outdated pictures, or my favorite- flannel boards, and we tell the stories with little enthusiasm.

This week, I challenge you to share a story from the Bible with a child and help them see how exciting it is. Use your face to express emotions and your hands for more effect. Bang on the table to really get their attention at action packed parts of the story. Encourage kids to wonder what the Bible individual was thinking or feeling. What would they be thinking if there at that time? Get kids excited about knowing their God. As they learn more about who God is and how he works in the lives of people, they will grow a meaningful love for God and a desire to share Him with others.


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