Oriental Trading

Wow! I cannot believe how fast Christmas is coming this year and gifts are on top of my mind!  I made pumpkin bread for all of our church leaders, but wanted something for my teachers that wasn’t edible.  Several of my teachers are on strict diets… so I figured food might not be a good gift in this case. Trying to find something affordable, but nice, was not easy.  I did it though.  (Well, I’m guessing God had a hand in it.)  I thought I’d share in case you found yourself in the same predicament.

If you haven’t bought your teachers a Christmas gift yet, here are a couple of ideas:

This Christmas, I’m giving all of my teachers a Kindle book, Pocket of Prayers by Max Lucado.  It’s only $2.99 on Kindle!  At the holidays everyone gets so much “stuff”  so I think a Kindle book is perfect!  Give them a nice Christmas card but really, all you need is their email address.  Amazon let’s you send it as a gift making it so easy!  Then, they can read it from their smart phone, tablet or computer.  It’s perfect!

Another suggestion, one I’m saving for mid-year as a teacher appreciation gift, is a potted succulent plant with a message, “Thank you for helping our kids grow in God’s love!”  It costs a little more per teacher, about $5 each for 5 teachers or order another set of plants and it ends up being $3.50 per teacher.  The plants come in sets of 5 while the pots come in 10.  You can order what you need from Amazon and it’s super simple!  I can manage to kill just about any plant, so I like these low maintenance plants.  Plus, they are great for the teacher with allergies.

I hope you find this helpful. I would love to hear your ideas, things that have worked well for you at the holidays!



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