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Our K-5th graders recently learned about Korah’s rebellion against Moses, Aaron and God.  We’ve spent weeks learning about God’s people being rescued from slavery, then turning away from God a lot.  They questioned Moses and Aaron’s leadership too, even though God put these men in charge.  It was because of the people’s lack of faith that they were not going into the land God promised Abraham, but they blame Moses and Aaron.  We learned that 10 of the 12 spies said they should not invade Canaan because the people and city were too strong?  And the Israelites followed their lead being fearful instead of trusting God.  God decided that since they continued to distrust Him, they would never see the Promised Land.  They were so sad; they mourned.  Then, they were in denial.  They decided to try to take the city anyway, even though Moses said God would not be with them.  Shocking, without God, all the people that went into battle died.  Now they are mad!  And Korah does not control his anger, but instead riles up others to take a stand against Moses.  God steps in and the earth swallows Korah, his family and the other men leading the charge alongside him.  How did we make class fun during this very disturbing scary story?  We made an “earth gobbler.”  Incredibly enough, as I was showing the second grade teacher how to make one, one of the kids sat down, saw what I was doing and was done with his before me!  (It’s the fortune teller’s they make at school.). Feel free to make one with your class the next time you tell this story.  Download directions and the earth gobbler too!

Earth-Gobbler.pdf (1901 downloads )


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