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GAMES!  Especially when it comes to our fourth and fifth graders, pull out your games to reinforce the lessons.  In the early elementary years, we want to teach them the bible stories using a hands-on approach.  As I have mentioned before, use play-doh, silly putty, kinetic sand, floam, any number of squishy items to get their attention.  But when it comes to our fourth and fifth graders, we want them to spend time actually in the bible, looking up scriptures to see what God has to say to us.  The problem with this though is that kids may find this boring.  As you are reading it and bringing the story to life, it is exciting, but they may not run home and tell their friends to join them.  So let’s make it fun!

How do we make this more fun so our kids want to bring their friends?  Play games!  Not just any games, but games

that reinforce what they just read.  This also teaches them to pay attention, preparing them for the rest of their lives as they enter a class.  So what kind of games can you play?  There are some games you can switch out from week to week.  For instance, magnetic bible dart Tic-Tac-Toe.  One team at a time gets a chance to answer a review question.  If they get it right, one player tosses a dart onto the board.  This continues to get three in a row!  Another option is Bible Basketball.  Same idea, but keep score.  Pick up some small door or wall basket ball nets and you are set!  Still need another idea?  Get a couple of blow up dice, you know, the big ones!  (Or foam works well too!)  For each correct answer, roll the dice to see how many points you just scored.  At the end, see who has the most points.  This way, it’s not based solely on who gets the most answers right, but a combination of answers and rolls.

Get creative!  There are so many simple and fun ways to make learning about God fun for kids!  Let’s show kids that God is far from boring!


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