Oriental Trading

Want kids in bible class to pay attention and retain what they have just been taught?  Of course, you do!  There are so many ways of doing this but today I thought I’d share just one.  It is super simple and K-5th graders love it!  All you do is make copies of the Raise Kids for Christ movie takes form.  As you read the story from the Bible, pause at key areas having the kids draw a picture to describe what just happened.  Often, I will draw pictures too so if they are not quite sure how to draw something, they feel better when they see my stick men imperfections.  In the last space, have them write the scripture reference.

After you have read the story and they have drawn their pictures, let the kids use their movie takes to retell the story as a group.  Then, if it works for the lesson, they can act it out too!   Print as many copies as you like! Cartoon Drawings Movie Takes

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