Oriental Trading

My husband got me a new Wacom tablet so I’ve been drawing away, testing it out. What better way to play with my toy than to prepare for my children’s Bible classes! This week our kids are learning to repel evil just like Jesus did. First, they’ll color a picture of a penguin pressing firmly so the wax builds up. Then, they’ll spritz water on them to see how the waxy crayon repels the water. In God’s creation, penguins have a waxy oil over their feathers to repel the cold water. All of this led up to learn how Jesus repelled evil.

My older kids get to read it directly from Matthew 4:1-11. My kindergarten through third graders will get to read along. Feel free to print and use this in your children’s ministry or at home. Here’s a link to download the booklet, https://raisekidsforchrist.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/Jesus-Was-Tempted-Too-Matthew-4-1-11.pdf Then, print two-sided, flip on short edge, use a long stapler to staple down the center https://raisekidsforchrist.com/longstapler, fold, and there you have it. It’s as easy as can be.

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