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We live in Satan’s territory. We are in a war to win souls on Satan’s battleground and he and his army have done a phenomenal job in crafting lies that many, many people have bought into. These days, we seem to have trouble calling sin what is, sin. I’m sure you’ve heard it, “A loving God will accept me for who I am” or “I know what the bible says, but it doesn’t really mean that anymore” and my favorite, “God made me this way so he must accept me.”  Of course, God loves us and meets us where we are, but God does not accept the willful sin (Hebrews 10:26).

I’m sure you’re wondering, “What does this have to do with our children?”  Our children are growing up in this world, in a world that over the years has allowed sin to take more and more souls every day. We can’t escape it. Turn on the television, even a children’s cartoon and see if it holds all the values you do. See what your kids are learning at school.  At one time the church was in an uproar because science taught evolution, but not creation. Then God and prayer was removed from schools. Now, our young elementary children are being taught they may be born a boy or girl, but how do they feel? They are being taught at this young age, early elementary school, that they have a choice to make. Confusing? I think so. My point is, the world is taking over and God is being pushed aside.

So, what can we do about it? Step up as children’s ministry leaders, teachers and parents. If a church is able to provide a healthy, biblical atmosphere for learning, that’s great! But most churches aren’t in this position; so, we need to really teach and train up our children in the way of the Lord. Parents who raised children faithful to God shared what they did. The thing that stood out most to me was that matters of faith were part of normal, everyday conversation. God wasn’t a separate conversation, but part of regular conversations. Their children grew up learning that God was naturally a part of every aspect of their lives. The other thing they did was have family devotional time and they prayed together. They spent time together as a family with what matters most, God.

Now, you will have to intentionally work to make God a part of your conversations; but I’ve got a solution for family devotionals. During November, I have weekly family devotionals teaching about gratitude.  In December, we’ll learn about the spirit of Christmas. It’s free so sign up and choose an evening each week to study God’s word as a family. All you need is 15 minutes (more if you want to spend time together doing the game or activity as a family)! You pick the night. Study in your pajamas if it’s easier… it’s all about sharing God as a family.

This is the one major way families can combat sin in the world. Train up your children to have an unshakable faith in Christ. Set up an atmosphere where your children come to you with questions before they accept sin as normal. Parents and Children’s Ministry Leaders have an incredible job, an important job. What an amazing opportunity!

Join the challenge to Focus the Family on God this holiday season. Many of you have already joined and I pray that your family is already being blessed by these times together with God.

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